Bomber Style Seat Ends



If our all Ally seats are a little “Industrial” for you, these are designed to have upholstered base & back rest. Buy two ends & make the seat any width you want! Designed to take 1/2″ (12mm) of plywood & 2″ (52mm) of padding without covering up the holes. So you should be comfortable on that long run.

You also have the option of a top and/or bottom rail, just let us know the length you require.

All the parts are made from 1.5mm Aluminium with swaged holes & rolled edges. “Stiffener” plate around the central holes is pop riveted in.

Base is 18.5″ (470mm) front to back without upholstery.

Back is 21.5″ (546mm) top to bottom without upholstery.