Bomber Style Bench Seats


Made from folded laser cut aluminium with swaged lightening/stiffening holes, held together with aluminium rivets.


Made from folded laser cut 1.5mm aluminium with swaged lightening/stiffening holes and a box section stiffener across the back,  held together with aluminium rivets. They weigh very little, an 1100 wide seat weighs in at 7.5Kg.

The seats can be made any width to suit your car or arse, whichever is the governing factor. Seat back is 600mm high & base is 380mm long. The overall width can be whatever you want to suit your car, the width of the individual seats can also be any width (in 1″ steps) to suit your needs. We’ll make the centre console part to make up the difference. The two seat sections don’t need to be the same width, everything is made to order so we can cater for offset trans tunnels & oversize partners. Email us with your requirements & we’ll get it sorted!

A drain hole is now included in each rear corner of the base. Just in case your passenger wets themselves.

Centre Console includes two handy cup holders!

It should be noted that the Aluminium is quite soft and, although there is some built in stiffness, they should be supported both underneath & across the back, by a bulkhead or roll cage member. you don’t want them splitting when you throw yourself into them, however pretty your headlining might be to look at.

Our seats are made by hand & in a hurry ( & occasionally under fire) for that authentic WW2 look, so they may need some polishing if you’re after a show finish as there will inevitably be scratches from the bending & folding processes.

Seats are made to order and would be best collected from our office in Derby, due to the easily damaged nature of the material & the fact that postage would be £60.



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