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Those of you that have been around the site for a while will know that we started out doing purely Hot Rod, Custom & Race car related stuff , and that it gradually evolved to encompass all sorts of things as we expanded our ranges . We think it had become a bit messy so we’ve had a tidy up. Whengparts will revert back to it’s car related roots and all the other stuff is moving over to our sister site at http://www.spondonmetalworks.com . So if you’re after hanging baskets & Resin figurines you’ll find them over there.

Don’t see exactly what you want for your project? Use the contact form to tell us exactly what you’re after and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Due to some sort of pixel pile up over in Silicone valley we are no longer able to access the old “Whengparts” Facebook page, so we’ve had to start again from scratch (we’re not bitter, it was only 10 years worth of work that went down the toilet). To keep up to date have a look at “Whengparts Laser Cut” and if you could like it & share it that would be mightily helpful, thanks. Link at the bottom of the page.

If you are thinking of ordering from an EU member state then we suggest you do so before June 15th 2021 to give us time to get it to you before the new VAT rules come into force on July 1st. After this date it doesn’t look like it will be economically viable for us to export to the EU. We are hoping to find a way, but it’s not looking promising at the moment.

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