Small Block Chevy Flanges




Pair of Header Flanges for the small block Chevy V8 in 8mm Mild(MS) or Stainless(SS) (Grade 304) Steel.

Can be supplied with square holes to match stock ports or round holes up to 1.75″ Diameter (Although 1.75″ is very tight on the bolt holes).

Please check if your bolt holes are in line(IL) with the ports or offset (OS) before ordering.

Flanges can also be supplied to suit aftermarket heads such as Dart or Edelbrock, please contact us for details

Due to the spiralling cost of materials we are only making these flanges to order. Please allow 10 working days for delivery.

Due to increasing courier incompetence (& the rising cost of materials) we are sending all stainless flanges out fully insured. The weight & value of the items puts shipping at £11. Mild Steel flanges are shipped at £7.50


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