A & B Series Exhaust Flange



Exhaust Flange for the good old A & B Series engines. Made from 8mm Mild or Stainless Steel. Build your own tuned exhaust system!

We can provide a stock 5 port plate or we have a number of options:-

1.Twin Carb (TC) stock, designed to accommodate a twin carb manifold with exhaust ports the same size as those in the head.

2.Twin Carb (TC) 1.5″, designed to accommodate a twin carb manifold but with round 1.5″ holes for the exhaust ports to make the tube work easier. 1.5″ clears the square hole in the head. The central pipe may be a bit tight under the Carb manifold. We can also do these for the B Series but the holes need to be 2″ diameter to clear ports in the head.

The flanges will need grinding along one edge to clear the boss on the cylinder head.

We also produce a flange for the Arden 8 port manifold.