Helmet Holders


Somewhere to hang your helmet when you’re not using it.



Bikers, Racers, fed up of tripping over your helmet or finding that the kids or pets have left you a gift in it?

You need something to hang it on! Made from a genuine human skull!

Sorry , made from  Resin and Plastic Skulls about the same size as a genuine Human skull (depending on the size of the Human in question, obviously), on top of a powder coated bracket that screws to the wall of your Man cave or Race trailer. Problem Solved!

Keeps your helmet safe when you’re not using it, scares the kids when you are.

WE ARE DOWN TO THE LAST FEW OF THESE! You just can’t get skulls like you used to.

Shipping on these is £7.50. Due to breakages in the past these are now shipped in 2 parts & will require bolting together (Bolts supplied). We recommend using a suitable glue in the threads & on top of the bracket. Do not over tighten the bolts! The threads are resin & will strip if too much pressure is applied.