Helmet Holders


Somewhere to hang your helmet when you’re not using it.


Bikers, Racers, fed up of tripping over your helmet or finding that the kids or pets have left you a gift in it?

You need something to hang it on! Made from a genuine human skull!

Sorry , cast in Herculite and about the same size as a genuine Human skull (depending on the size of the Human in question, obviously), on top of a powder coated bracket that screws to the wall of your Man cave or Race trailer. Problem Solved!

Keeps your helmet safe when you’re not using it, scares the kids when you are.

Helmet holders are supplied ready to use but as they are cast from a powder you may want to give them a coat of clear varnish. We have found that if you black in the eye sockets & details around the teeth with weathering powder (from model shops) or powdercoating overspray (which we happen to have loads of), then give them a coat of antique pine varnish, they look like they’ve been in the ground for centuries (see images).

These things weigh in at around 3Kg, so shipping to UK mainland is £10.

We can ship abroad, please ask for shipping prices before ordering.