Installation Instructions: Weather Vanes

Step 1. Find a suitable place for your weather vane & fix the bracket to it. We recommend somewhere above head height as some of the bits are sharp. We also recommend putting plenty of paint on to stop water getting into the gaps. Unless you are going for that rusty look, obviously.

Step 2. Trial fit the Cruciform (that’s the bits with the letters on), some clothes pegs may help stop the bits falling over at this stage. This is not to see if they fit, we know they fit, but so you can see which side to put the grub screws in from. They should have the points facing inwards or towards each other as the pic 1 below. Do it now, it’ll be very fiddly later.

Step 3. Find the location discs, they are both the same, one sits on top, the other underneath (Pic2). This is best achieved by putting the top plate on first & then carefully lifting the assembly and fitting the bottom plate. Make sure the bolt holes line up. Bolt together using the 30mm Button head bolts, washers & Nylock nuts supplied (Pic3).

Step 4. Back up the ladder & slide the cruciform assembly (assembled in step 3) over the tube on the top of the bracket (Pic 4). Then rotate it around until it points in the right direction. Convention dictates that this is with the “N” pointing due North but if you’re a rebel or you fancy confusing migrating Geese, point it any way you want. Finally tighten the Grub Screws.

Step 5. Bolt the Vane onto the pivot with the Button Head screws, washers & Nylock nuts provided (Pic 5). The weld should be on the outside so that the 2 plates sit flush.

Step 6. Back up the ladder & drop the pivot into the tube. Job Done! We recommend that you use plenty of grease on the pivot as the vane sounds like some sort of cat orgy in high winds otherwise.

Step 7. Take a pic & send it to us. We might put together some sort of gallery.

(Hair Make-up by Weld & Powdercoat. Hands Model’s own.)

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