Sawblade Clocks




Clocks designed to look like they’ve been cut out of old saw blades (No saw blades were hurt in the production of these clocks), made from mild steel & powder coated black on white. We can do other colours on request.

We can do these with any Hot Rod, Classic, Yank, Bike, Bus, Truck, Horse etc. Let us know what you want when you order.

For the Bikers we also do these as a Rear Sprocket, just ask!

Available in 25 Cm (10″) & 35 Cm (14″).

These are supplied without mechanism, for the simple reason that we’ll just buy them off Ebay & mark them up before sending them to you, so you might as well buy them from Ebay yourself. This lets you choose what quality mechanism you want, saves you money & reduces the risk of damage in transit. You’ll need a spindle to take 3mm of material.