Spanner Door Handle Kit



A kit to turn those unwanted spanners into door handles for your shed, just because…

Kit comprises of:

  • 2x18mm nuts with 8mm square holes offset to make the spanner horizontal in use.
  • 250mm of 8mm Square bar
  • 200mm of 13mm steel tube
  • 5mm grub screw.
  • You supply spanners,¬†door lock & door.
  • Welding required.
  • The 18mm nut is a knock in fit for a 3/8″ Whitworth, a slide fit in an 18mm & a loose fit in a 3/4″ AF.

We suggest you use ring or combination spanners instead of the open enders shown as the pointed ends tend to catch clothing, elbows & delicate things when walking through the door.


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