Number Plate Silhouettes



Pressed Aluminium Number Plate with your choice of wording (as long as it will fit) & a silhouette of your car, bike, bus, truck, moped etc.

Number plate is approximately half UK legal size at 12″x 3″ with 1.75″ lettering. Pressed from 1mm Aluminium Plate, they will take six letters or numbers . We can’t do Registrations for legal reasons, or because of Brexit or some other nonesense.

The vehicle can be anything you want , even a depiction of your custom if you can provide a suitable picture to work from.

Silhouettes are supplied Powder Coated , let us know what colour you want. Colour choice is limited so you may find you want to spray over it for a better match to your own ride. A spot of detailing on the chrome & wheels will make them look even better.

To purchase order here then drop us a line via the contacts page to let us know what wording & vehicle you want.