Motorbike Front plate wall mounts



These are based on a number plate like the ones that used to be used on the front of Motorbikes in the UK (before they banned them as they tended to slice animals & small children in half in an impact situation), with a Mild Steel silhouette of a Bike.

The plate is 1 mm Pressed Aluminium & standard size for a front fender, the Bike is from 1.5 mm Powder Coated Mild Steel.

We can do them with any make of Bike you want , as long as the wording will fit on the plate. In fact it can be any wording you want, needn’t be a manufacturer. Similarly the Bike can be any make & model you want. We can also do them with added hooks for hanging your Bike keys/pets/0ffspring on.

To buy one , order here then drop us a line at or through our Facebook Page & let us know what wording & Bike you want.