Locomotive Nameplates




Substantial & fairly authentic looking Locomotive or Ship Name Plates, made from laser cut & welded Mild Steel rather than cast brass.

Back plate is 2mm thick , letters & surround are 6mm , giving a total maximum thickness of 8mm. Total height of the plate is 120mm, the length obviously depends on the number of letters.

We do not supply the Crests above the name but can provide a plate for you to glue/nail/weld/elastoplast your own onto.

Obviously these are all made to order so allow two to three weeks for delivery or collection. Postage is steep as these things are mighty heavy!

The plates are supplied in bare steel for you to paint yourself, or leave to rust if you are so inclined.

Options are only listed up to 16 letters because we got fed up of adding variations to the web site. They can be made longer at a cost of £5 per letter, we throw in the spaces for free. Punctuation is negotiable.