Coffee Jar Steel Flowers




Flower arrangements made of steel and presented in Coffee Jars.

Stems & leaves are Power Coated in Green, the Flowers are Powder Coated in a number of bright colours, choose from the drop down list. They are also available leaning to the left or right, again , choose from the drop down list.

The arrangements are all hand made without the aid of a jig or a tape measure so may differ slightly from the pictures but all have the same number of leaves & flowers & stand about 29cm tall.

You don’t need to stand them in a Coffee Jar, we use them because we have a reliable source for them due to the addictive personality of the Accounts department, you can put them in a Vase or Flowerpot of your own. Alternately you could get arty & paint or decorate the jar supplied.

(For reasons which we are now far too hacked off to try to figure out, the web building software won’t let us add a Right Leaning Purple  Flower. If you want one drop us a line).