Beer Tables




Originally designed as something to sit on in the Trade stand at shows one of these now does sterling work as a drinks table between a couple of more comfortable chairs. Many people have asked to buy it so we thought we’d make them available.

They have a 12mm central rod with a 4mm Plate top & bottom for stability. Height is a little over that of  two 5 litre kegs, obviously. What you see listed here is what we currently have in stock. New ones will become available as and when we drink enough beer. Brands may vary.

If you can’t wait for us to drink the beer we offer a DIY (Drink it yourself) version consisting of top & bottom plate plus central column, leaving you free to customise it to your own tastes. You’ll need to drink 10 litres of Beer, purchase a large bottle top & drill 13mm holes in the bottom of the cans. We don’t recommend that you try the last bit immediately after finishing the first part.

Postage on the complete table is £10 as they are bulky & heavy, they can be collected at the shows listed on our Face book page. DIY kit shipping is £6. The Checkout will charge you a tenner but we’ll refund the £4 when we get the order. (It’s just easier than trying to make the checkout do it!).