Dragon Weather Vane assembly instructions.

Congratulations on your purchase and thank you for giving Draco Ferrous a home. We’re guessing you’re wondering how it all fits together, hopefully, this will help…

01. First job. Decide where you are going to put him & fix the bracket in place. Whatever you fix it to needs to be solid and preferably high enough to prevent accidental damage to children, pets or unruly drunks. Make sure the tube is as vertical as possible or Draco will sulk & insist on facing the same way all the time.

02. Pic 01 shows you most of what you’ll need. The bolts, nuts & washers are supplied, you’ll need to find a 10mm Spanner & a 4mm Allen Key (that’s a worn 3/8″ Wrench & a 5/32″ Allen Key if you’re out West). You may also need a friend, strong coffee (avoid alcohol until you’ve finished) & a comprehensive knowledge of swear words.

03. Find the discs as shown in pic 02, notice that one of them has four additional square holes in it. Loosely bolt them together using the two longest bolts & the plain nuts (that’s the two without the blue nylon inside). Washers will help prevent scratching at this stage. Insert the first arm as shown in pic 03, the little hook should fit into the square hole in the bottom disc.


04. Find the other disc that does not have the square holes in it & insert it above the lower hook as shown in pic 04. Do this now, it isn’t possible once you’ve got more arms on!

05. This is the part where a friend will come in handy as it gets a bit fiddly! Insert the rest of the arms in the same manner as the first one. They are all interchangeable so, if you want them in the correct order, pay attention! Otherwise, you may need to do this bit all over again. Once you’ve got them all in run the nuts up finger tight. It should look something like Pic 05 now.

06. Next, you’ll need the four 25mm bolts, eight washers & four Nylock nuts (with the blue plastic bit inside). Use half of them in the two holes in the discs that are currently unoccupied, tighten them up then replace the two long bolts with the other half. Don’t lose the two long bolts, you’ll need them again in a minute. It should look like pic 6 now.



07. You should have one disc left, one with the four extra square holes in. Fit this underneath as pic 07 then back up the ladder and slide it over the tube on the bracket. Now rotate the whole assembly until “N” points North (or wherever you want it to point). Finally insert the two long bolts that you used earlier into the two holes in the bottom disc that are clear, tighten up with washers & Nylock nuts and you should have something that looks like pics 08 & 09.

08. Just Draco himself to assemble now, which is pretty straightforward. You should have 6 bolts left. The two smaller ones bolt the tail onto the body, the others bolt the wings to the body & the whole thing to the spindle.

09. Finally put plenty of grease on the spindle then back up the ladder & slide it into the bracket. Job done, time for that drink!