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Bomber style seats

These are proving very popular. We are currently working on a high back version, a couple of designs of bench seat & a Baby Bomber for Tot Rods. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further developments.

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New works van

We’ve bought ourselves a new works van. The old Chevy is great for hauling the trade stand & merch to shows but it’s a bit too big for running around town chasing parts & dropping off orders. So we bought ourselves an older Austin………………………………….

A bit of sign writing to do & a few mechanical bits to sort & we’ll be on the road. Grommit Plush toy on order.

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American Diorama

Just added a selection of American Diorama figures to the site. Just the thing to add some interest to your model car collection.

Cars & Bikes not included.
Figures sold individually & in sets.
Adam & George shooting the Breeze. Cars not included. Figures sold separately.
Real life jackets like Adam’s are available in our Kustom Shack section.
Let’s go boys.
Cars & Drivers not included.
Not sure if she rides that thing or just stands behind it to get changed.
“Don’t you scratch that fender”.
Figures sold separately. Mustang not included.
Real life Jackets like Adam’s are available on our Kustom Shack pages.
Biker Angel. Bike not included.

More to come!

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Our Dragons are Migrating

One of our Dragon Weather Vanes has been spotted in the Netherlands recently. A couple more are on their way to Germany and a handful are off to join their predecessors in the United States.

It’s too late to order yours for Christmas now but they are available all year round!

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Whengparts gear is for life, not just for crassmas!

OK, It’s December, we can use the C word. Crassmas. There, we said it.
We know from past experience that no matter how much stock we keep in you lot will want something that we don’t have. So if you’re thinking of helping a loved one to live fast & look good this Christmas please order early to give us a fighting chance of getting it done in time.
Have fun & stay dizzy.

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Kustom Shack

Whengparts has now taken over the helm at Kustom Shack clothing. The Kustom Shack site is being rebuilt & we’re busy adding some of the range to the Whengparts site too, just to make it real easy to find!